Why Ya Gotta Be So Rude To People

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Why Ya Gotta Be So Rude?

I’ve just got to rant today about a rude incident. As I was out jogging this morning with my workout buddy, we were approached by two ladies who were walking and talking together.

Now for those of you who know about sidewalk etiquette, each of us should have moved to the “traffic” side in single file as we passed each other, right?

Well, you know that song by Magic! with the lyrics “Why ya gotta be so rude?” The other ladies just kept in their spot taking up the entire sidewalk and practically ran into me as I was hugging my side. What the H#//!!! I felt like screaming that song at them… No, I did not do it.

There is no excuse so why ya gotta be so rude?

I’m sure you’ve had those types of experiences at work too. Think about the dirty dishes on the counter or in the sink of the break room. Really, how hard is it to wash out the dishes you use as soon as you’re done with them?

What happens when you bring your lunch to put into the refrigerator and THERE’S NO ROOM because someone went grocery shopping on their way in to work?? ‘Frig hogs – hate ‘em!

Or, ever since your co-worker left their snack crumbs all over their desk, you’ve noticed skittering bugs along the wall…and the pest control guy isn’t scheduled for another week.

It’s soooo rude when I can hear the person next to me having a personal conversation when I’m trying to concentrate or have a work-related phone call and the other person is loud or sharing T.M.I. Ugh.

Why ya gotta be so rude??

Please I beg of you, go the extra mile to be kind to others and be aware of how you are acting in your surroundings.

  • Clean up your mess in the break room/kitchen
  • Throw out your old food in the refrigerator and don’t hog all the room
  • If you’re allowed to eat in your workspace, don’t leave crumbs, leftovers, and trash that attracts bugs and smells bad
  • Keep your voice down, your private conversations to quick breaks and your personal deets PERSONAL.

It’s a universal truth

The impact each of us can have on someone else is a universal truth that is talked about and written about often when it comes to our family and personal relationships. I’m here to tell you that it’s also so very true for your work relationships.

Being kind to others is a value that should extend into our work lives. We spend so much time together every day—let’s make it as enjoyable as possible. For those times when people just can’t seem to get along or someone’s really getting on your nerves, maybe our Managing Team Conflict In The Workplace article will help you.

Just don’t make me say it—


OK, I’m done. That.is.all.


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