We’re afraid to ask but…

Your Employee Handbook Is How Old?!

Dang!!!! If It’s More Than A Couple of Years Old

It’s Gotta Go!


Don’t Even Have An Employee Handbook?!

Hmmm. We’re not surprised.

It’s Okay. That’s Easy to Fix.

Hang On. Before we go any further…

Why Should You Even Care About Having

A Current Employee Handbook?

It Defines The Rules of The Game In The Workplace

And Helps You Stay Out Of Trouble


Everybody needs a map to follow!   Set your expectations – for your team, your leaders, and the culture of your business


Once you set the ground rules you can hold everyone accountable to them accross the board. Yes, including yourself


An employee handbook helps you make fair and consistent employee related decisions in a flash without breaking a sweat


Like it or not we all have to comply with Federal & state laws (and local laws in some cases) – it reduces your liability


Your employee handbook is your first level of protection – in case you ever need it in defending a legal claim.  It can take a hit for you!


Lay the groundwork of your business and core HR functions to avoid the sinkholes of inconsistent decisions and costly fines and penalties

Here’s Where It CAN Get Really Hard With An Employee Handbook…

  • MUST be written to protect you against costly disputes or litigation
  • MUST comply with Federal, State and Local Laws
  • MUST be kept current as your business and laws change
  • MUST clearly outline key employer and employee rights
  • MUST set expectations for employees to follow
  • MUST be rolled out and discussed with employees
  • MUST include an employee acknowledgement form
  • MUST ensure employees will be treated fairly and objectively
  • MUST be customized with policies relevant to your business
  • MUST be written correctly so it doesn’t harm you or create liability

“But You said It Could Be Fixed Easily!”

Hold Up! Don’t Panic!

You Can Create a customized employee handbook in 4 simple steps

Use Our Online Handbook Builder to Get It Done

BOOM! No More Shame!

Take a look inside – Hover over each box to see the 4 easy steps

Here’s Why Our Handbook Builder Is Such A Game Changer…

  • INCLUDES more than 100 policies written by HR professionals
  • INCLUDES policies compliant with Federal, State and Local Laws
  • INCLUDES automatic email of policy changes based on new laws
  • INCLUDES ability for you to add policies specific to your business
  • INCLUDES a step-by-step guided process to create your handbook
  • INCLUDES policies using simple to understand language
  • INCLUDES online and offline distribution process
  • INCLUDES an employee acknowledgement form
  • INCLUDES multi-state versions of handbook (All Biz under one FEIN)
  • INCLUDES tips on which policies are mandatory or recommended
  • INCLUDES clearly written policies to reduce your liability
  • INCLUDES fully customizable options – so it’s not just a template

Pretty Cool Handbook Builder Right!

You Gotta Have It!


Includes unlimited access to your Online Employee Handbook builder for one year

(After the first year, annual renewal subscription plan is only $127)

SAVE yourself thousands of dollars. SAVE yourself hours of research. SAVE yourself from the stress of figuring it out yourself.

You Will Love Our Employee Handbook Builder

Our Clients Are Sharing Their Love For This Cool Tool

  • Working with The Galatas Group turned a very daunting project for me into a fun and exciting time of internal expansion here at our company. The employee handbook designed for us has already been put to the test in a couple of difficult situations and…has saved us potential litigation and certain increase in unemployment tax rates.

    C. Miller General Manager, Scrap Metal Recycling
  • This is genius by the way.  I’m way slammed and behind, but I will get to this …. Love the idea.

    Paul D. Owner, Auto Recycling Yard
  • I have to say it feels nice to almost be able to touch the finish line. We review this with everyone, have them sign it and then I can hopefully concentrate on the day-to-day, with a nice guidebook for what comes my way. Once again I can’t thank you enough for all of your support and assistance throughout this process.

    D. D. Owner, Auto Parts Business

Be the leader your biz needs – Do the hard stuff

The Easy Way!

Hey! We’re Watching You!

Build Your Employee Handbook Today!


Includes unlimited access to your Online Employee Handbook builder for one year

(After the first year, annual renewal subscription plan is only $127)

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