Have dirty little secrets around HR?

You are not alone

Even the HR Pros Have Some And We Confess

We’ll share one of our dirty little HR secrets…

Donna here! I know we all have our little secrets, but let me tell you one of mine which was the inspiration behind our flagship HR course—HR 101: Making Compliance Easy, and many other HR Courses.

Back in the day when I was an HR Manager for a multi-state business, I loved my job and thought I was King of the Hill in my little region. Until one day, when this very official looking letter was dropped on my desk.

It was from the INS, which is now the ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, agency. Opening the envelope with shaking hands, I found a Notice of Inspection letter, which means I was going to have the pleasure of an I-9 audit. Aw, Dang.

Now, if you have no idea what that is or even what an I-9 Form is, let’s hope you’re not involved in the hiring of employees or the maintenance of employee records. If you’re not, no sweat! You can stop reading now.

However, if you are in ANY way involved in the new hire process or recordkeeping for staff, I suggest you sit up straight and listen to me.

Hey, I was an HR MANAGER!

I knew my stuff.

But I was scared to death!

Did I really have all the up-to-date information about how to complete the I-9 Form and was I monitoring the forms that my staff or my other managers were handling? Ummm, not really sure…

So, yeah, I was sweating bullets because I knew the fines and penalties could be nasty. Just like the inspectors could be nasty. Well, some of them anyway. And it would be my luck that things would go wrong….right?!

I never thought an I-9 audit could happen to me. And neither do you, I bet.

Long story short—I was very lucky. We made it through with a few minor issues that were quickly corrected. But not every business can say that.

In fact, one of our clients conducted an internal I-9 audit using the process from our HR Courses and found the potential for over $340k in penalties. Say WHAT??!!

No worries! The client was able to make all the required corrections to bring the business into compliance and now the owner sleeps restfully at night because he knows he is READY in case he receives a Notice of Inspection letter.

And I-9 forms and audits are just one area of employment law that can wreak havoc for you if you’re not paying attention.

Don’t let your dirty little HR secrets stop you from rocking HR!

Let’s Get This Party Started!

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This course will help you to learn how to avoid the painful legal penalties caused by poor records, missing I-9 forms and unpaid overtime wages and includes the following:


  1. How to Set Up Your Employee Records
  2. What Records Need To Be Retained
  3. What Records Need To Be Retained – Pre-Hire PhaseWhat Records Need To Be Retained – Post-Hire Phase
  4. What Records Need To Be Retained – Post-Termination Phase
  5. What Records Need To Be Retained – Paper vs. Cloud
  6. Review of Section 1
  7. Section 2: How to Complete An I-9 Form
  8. Case Study
  9. Critical Timeframes
  10. Phase 1: Complete the I-9
  11. Review of Section 2
  12. Section 3: How to Audit & Correct I-9 Forms
  13. Phase 2: Audit All I-9s
  14. Phase 3: Correcting Errors on I-9 Forms
  15. Closing the Loop
  16. Red Flags
  17. Review of Section 3
  18. Section 4: How to Comply With Job Classification Requirements
  19. Case Study #1 & Why You Should Care
  20. Non-Exempt vs. Exempt & Case Study #2
  21. Exemption Tests Overview
  22. Executive Exempt
  23. Administrative Exemption
  24. Professional Exemption: Learned Professional
  25. Professional Exemption: Creative Professional
  26. Computer Professional Exemption
  27. Outside Sales Exemption
  28. Motor Carrier Act
  29. Review of Section 4
  30. Section 5: How to Comply With Record Retention Requirements
  31. 8 Factors Affecting Record Keeping
  32. Specific Records & Timeframes
  33. Paper Records vs. Electronic Records
  34. Review of Section 5


  • Setting Up Your Records Checklist
  • 2015/2016 I-9 Form
  • I-9 Completion Checklist
  • Handbook for Employers (M-274)
  • Sample Memos to the File
  • Audit Log Template
  • Samples of I-9s with errors
  • Sample No Match Letter
  • Sample No Match Letter Instructions
  • No Match Letter eBook
  • Agency Audit Process
  • Audit Checklist
  • Executive Exemption Questionnaire
  • Administration Exemption Questionnaire
  • Learned Professional Exemption Questionnaire
  • Creative Professional Exemption Questionnaire
  • Computer Professional Exemption Questionnaire
  • Outside Sales Exemption Questionnaire
  • Motor Carrier Act Exemption Questionnaire
  • Sample Record Retention Policy
  • Employment Record Retention Guide by Federal Law
  • Employment Record Retention Guide by State
  • I-9 Retention Calculator Spreadsheet Tool
  • I-9 Retention Spreadsheet Template
  • Record Retention Policy Checklist
  • Ebook of Lecture Transcripts & Slides
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This course will help you to go from having zero of the top 5 leadership behaviors to having hero skills.  Don’t reinvent the wheel—learn from those who’ve done it right.  You will do some heavy soul searching of yourself and your business to gain this transformation, so let’s jump right in!


  1. Top 5 Leadership Behaviors Intro
  2. Communicate Meaning
  3. Genuine Caring
  4. External Focus
  5. Awareness of Big Picture
  6. Honest Communication
  7. Review


  • Leadership Self Assessment
  • Top 5 Leadership Behaviors – Intro eBook
  • Communicate Meaning Exercise
  • Communicate Meaning Worksheet
  • Top 5 Leadership Behaviors – Communicate Meaning eBook
  • Genuine Caring Exercise
  • Top 5 Leadership Behaviors – Genuine Caring eBook
  • External Focus Exercise
  • External Focus Worksheet
  • Top 5 Leadership Behaviors – External Focus eBook
  • Awareness of Big Picture Exercise
  • Honest Communication Exercise
  • Top 5 Leadership Behaviors – Honest Communication eBook
  • Top 5 Leadership Behaviors – Review eBook
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This course will give you a breakdown of the whole “leadership” concept so you can understand exactly where and when you need to turn and in which direction to get to the destination of becoming an effective leader within your organization.


  1. Welcome
  2. Who Am I
  3. Leadership Assessment
  4. Leadership and the Organization
  5. Leadership Traits Approach
  6. Leadership Behavioral Approach
  7. Leadership Situational Approach
  8. What Makes An Effective Leader
  9. Exercise
  10. Leadership vs Management
  11. Contributions of Leaders vs Managers
  12. Case Study
  13. Leadership Exercise
  14. Defining Leadership Styles
  15. Transactional vs Transformational Leadership
  16. Leadership Styles
  17. Leadership Exercises
  18. Leadership Styles and Teamwork
  19. Comparison of McGregor’s Theory X & Y
  20. Leadership Exercise
  21. Team Readiness
  22. Individual Readiness
  23. Leadership Exercise
  24. Managing Expectations
  25. Leadership and Conflict
  26. Leadership Exercise
  27. What is Lateral Leadership
  28. Lateral Leadership Fail
  29. Lateral Leadership Done Right
  30. Lateral Leadership Components
  31. Leadership Exercise
  32. Fallen From Grace
  33. Failed Leadership From 3 Perspectives
  34. Leadership Exercise
  35. Consistent Leaders
  36. Leadership Exercise
  37. Course Review
  38. Additional Resources


  • Leadership Self Assessment
  • TLeadership Competency Assessment
  • Link to LBDQ Questionnaire
  • Article: Managers and Leaders – Are They Different?
  • LEADERSHIP EXERCISE – Leadership vs Management
  • LEADERSHIP EXERCISE – Leadership Styles
  • LEADERSHIP EXERCISE – Leading a Team – McGregor
  • LEADERSHIP EXERCISE – Leading a Team – Readiness
  • LEADERSHIP EXERCISE – Managing Expectations
  • LEADERSHIP EXERCISE – Managing Conflict
  • LEADERSHIP EXERCISE – Lateral Leadership
  • Tedx Talk: Italy Talgam
  • Tedx Talk: Margaret Heffernan
  • Book: The Leadership Challenge
  • Book: The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
  • Podcast: Bob Chapman: Truly Human Leadership on The Unmistakable Creative Podcast website
  • Podcast: Michael Hyatt: This is Your Life
  • Link to Free Mindtools Leadership Skills Assessment

Look, you don’t have to be an expert.

You do need to know the important stuff.

If you love your biz, you know there’s a whole lotta reasons why you need to know HR. Seriously.


Figure out if you’re doing anything crazy wrong when it comes to employment law
Fix it quick and easy to stay out of trouble with those pesky Feds
Remember that whole “an ounce of prevention…” thing and get ahead of the game


Hire the best the first time around
Keep ‘em happy and busy
Avoid the skills gap by testing the heck out of candidates with the right tools
Create a real A-team
(that doesn’t fight)


Drop the bad seeds like a hot potato—the right & painless way
Help your top guns grow and get even better in their awesomeness
Line up your future leaders and get ‘em ready for their turn at the helm

Okay. We bet you’re thinking…”Critical HR stuff is hard to learn.” Not. Any. More.

You need an easy system to follow.

We’ve Got You Covered

We make learning the important HR stuff Easy


    Watch a short series of videos designed to highlight and educate you on key HR tasks


    Yes. Download all of the templates and resources included in the program


    Simply follow the step-by-step process and use the resources included

Are you blindly guessing your way around HR?

Stop It!

Step Into The Light

We will Show You The Way

Indeed. Take A Little Walk On The Wild Side

With our fun and edutaining HR courses loaded with tons of resources

You asked. We Listened. Here’s What You Get:

The Anatomy of an HR Course

HR course product box spilling contents


The series of short videos in each HR course allows for someone with limited HR experience to easily digest the wealth of HR information. You can play and pause as needed and quickly revisit any video lecture when you need more clarity.


Jump right in with our done-for-you downloadable worksheets that make mundane HR tasks easy peasy and painless to complete and customize to your business. This is just another reason why our clients love us.


A picture speaks louder than words! We’ve included examples that clearly illustrate necessary but difficult to understand HR processes that you can use as a standard to model. Isn’t it nice that you don’t have to figure it all out on your own?


Follow the yellow brick roadmap to easily document your processes. Never stress about feeling lost or not knowing what to do next. The roadmaps give you step by step guidance to quickly tackle tricky HR situations.


Homework? What??? Yes. We include hands-on activities – not to bog you down but to help you assess and identify critical gaps in your HR function, sharpen your skills so you can quickly identify potential risks, and boost your confidence in managing your HR issues.


Feel like you’re the only one with HR headaches & questions? Or do you think it’s okay to ignore the HR rules? Or do you just not know what you don’t know? Learn how the results of these HR case studies relate to you, your business & your bottom line.


For your convenience we’ve collected source materials from top government agencies that cite critical employment laws we highly recommend you fully understand in order to stay in compliance and keep your business out of trouble.


These courses are loaded with great information so we’ve included the transcript for each video. You can easily take this transcript and convert it to your training manual or Standard Operating Procedures.

GAIN Clarity On HR Risks. GAIN Consistency on HR Processes. GAIN Control on HR Everything.

Hey. We have tons of new HR Courses itching to be released. Stay tuned:

“No You Didn’t!” – Oh Yes We Did!

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You Will Love Our HR Courses

Don’t Take Our Word For It! Here’s what a few clients have to say…

  • I thoroughly enjoyed your HR 101 online class. I have been to a lot of HR seminars/webinars, and your class was the best regarding employee document management and retention. I hope you continue to create more classes for HR professionals. I will definitely enroll.

    J.M.C. Williams HR Generalist
  • I am excited to finally find an HR program that doesn't just tell me what I should do around HR compliance but also shows me how. And…includes all possible resources I may need along the way. I hesitated to take this class because I have taken so many that were a waste of my time. I am glad I took the leap of faith and took this class because I am thrilled to say that I am well on my way to getting in compliance. Dealing with all of the employment laws and rules really scared me but I thank the instructor for giving me the tools and blue print to follow. Not only did she make it easy to understand and implement, she gave me all I needed in order to have the confidence to tackle HR compliance myself. Thank you!!! I hope you create more classes in the near future. I would buy them all!!! - The quality was outstanding and the instructor was extremely knowledgeable.

    A.T., Department Manager Printing Industry
  • This was an enjoyable course- the presenter is clear and easy to understand, and the content was organized very well. I realized from this course that my organization could follow more than a few of these tips- I now feel more confident that we will be in compliance should any questions arise.

    L.G., HR Generalist Consulting Firm

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