To the Simple Side Of HR

With Donna & Jackie of The Galatas Group

Yeah, Yeah. We Know. HR is Not Easy

We’ve Heard That Before

But We’re Here to Tell You That

HR Can Be Easy!

“You are not stuck where you are unless you decide to be.” — Wayne W. Dyer

Our specialty here at The Galatas Group is developing HR tools

to help our clients move forward.

There is no need for you to feel stuck!

We Are The Link To Making HR Easy

That’s really what we make our solutions all about.  It’s just how we roll!

Check Out How Two Crazy Ladies Got Clients To Love HR



We started working together after leaving corporate HR jobs. We LOVED working in Human Resources and realized that we wanted to expand our reach and work our magic for people who really needed our HR expertise and didn’t already have internal HR help.

Turns out those folks were crazy cool! Think micro and small business owners, entrepreneurs and start-ups, managers and even other HR professionals. And the most fun part-- they came from different and fascinating industries AND from all over the country.




Here’s what we discovered from speaking engagements, HR blogging, guest writing for industries, and straight up consulting: Our clients were all VERY sharp (and fun loving!) AND they were a bit intimidated about handling all the different HR tasks and employee relations issues.

We discovered that we were great teachers too. Not only did we help our clients solve their immediate problems quickly and easily, we also helped them to understand the problem-solving processes we used to reach the solutions. We created checklists and questionnaires and easy to follow procedures that they could use over and over again in many different situations.


As we worked together over the past few years, we developed many HR techniques and HR tools that we’ve shared with clients from many industries; clients in various stages of their business; clients with large and small teams.

We identified common threads woven in amongst them all.

Patterns Began To Emerge.

Jackie Torres listening to someone talk
Donna Galatas thinking about customers
Donna and Jackie creating hr solutions
Donna Galatas and Jackie Torres working on desktop

Our greatest desire was to help more people understand that HR can be easy,

fun, and impactful to the bottom line when approached correctly.

We know our clients, and YOU TOO, can “take it from here”

once you have the right tools and once you “get” it.

The best praise our clients can give us is that we gave them

confidence and great resources to move forward on their own—

so they don’t need us anymore!


You Will Love Our Products

Here’s a Happy Client Taking Action

We Are Cool & Fun — But We Also Mean Business!

Need to know a little bit more about us?

Donna Galatas

Vice Empress & Chief Executive Officer, The Galatas Group

Besides having a great sense of humor and down-to-earth approach, Donna, founder and CEO of The Galatas Group, is an accomplished HR professional with extensive (over 20 years) experience in the tactical and strategic aspects of human resource management.

Before forming The Galatas Group, she held positions as Director of Employee Relations and Vice President, Human Resources for a global metals and auto parts recycling company. In addition, she has held key senior level HR positions at Fortune 50 companies with experience in the healthcare, distribution, warehouse, construction, entertainment and education industries.

Donna has a BA in International Relations from San Francisco State University in California and an MA in Human Resources Management from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida.

She lives in Frisco, Texas, loves antique hunting (a.k.a. junk store scrounging) and misses her grandchildren who live in Orlando, Florida.

Jackie Torres

Vice Empress & Chief Operating Officer, The Galatas Group

Throughout her career, Jackie has gained vast knowledge and experience (18 years) in building strong learning organizations, increasing organizational effectiveness and operational efficiencies through visionary leadership and strategic human resource management.

Before joining The Galatas Group, Jackie was Director of Organizational Development, Corporate Communications and of Learning and Development at McLane Company, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company. Jackie has held executive level and management positions within Fortune 50 organizations in Human Resources, Advertising, Marketing Management, Operations and Information Systems within various industries. In these various roles, Jackie was able to make a substantial impact on organizational growth, employee relations, diversity, and company branding with emphasis on overall strategic human resources and operational compliance.

Jackie holds a BA and MBA from City University of New York – Baruch College. She is certified in Stephen Covey’s – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®, The Birkman Method®, Achieve Global, Ken Blanchard and Legal Watch and is fluent in Spanish.

Jackie lives in Allen, Texas with her husband, daughter, mother and Lillie, her Maltese and is a wonderful hand-crafted jewelry designer. Look for her creations in bridal shops and boutiques in the Dallas Metroplex.

Donna Galatas and Jackie Torres smiling at audience
  • THANK YOU so very much for your quick response. My doctor is going to send you a thank you note because you guys are keeping my blood pressure down 😉

    D. Davis Owner, Auto Parts Industry

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