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YOU are a business owner with no time on your hands to deal with HR administration and actually very little experience in these details. You secretly worry late at night about the avalanche of paperwork you’re probably not doing correctly or at all.
YOU are a manager of people and whether you have any formal training or not, you need help because you’re about to sink and drown in all the issues you face every day. Your employees are wearing you out with all their needs and you’re not really sure you know how to handle things right the first time.
YOU are an HR pro who just wants a quick refresher on the most up-to-date requirements in the employment laws you need to consider and you have a couple of gaps in your tool box that need to be filled. OR...
YOU are new to your HR role and don’t want to reinvent the wheel by starting from scratch with your processes, tools, forms, etc. You want a great starting point that will help you hit the ground running and make you look good to the boss and the rest of the team.
YOU have just started your business or reached the point of hiring your first employee(s) and you have no idea where to start or what you need to hire the best of the best. You dread spending all day on the internet searching through pages and pages of information and don’t know how to determine if what you find is the right resource.
Sound Like YOU?
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Keep Your Cool In Every HR Situation

With Our Easy-to-Use HR Kits

Everything you need to manage your HR processes is included in one place so you don’t need to waste time searching the internet for what forms to use, what steps to take or how to reach the best decisions when managing your staff.


Learn HR & Get Critical Answers

With Our On-Demand HR Courses

Do you need to understand the why and the “how-to” of human resources administration? Then you’ll love our HR Courses packed full of detailed explanations, case studies, and downloadable resources to quickly and easily get things done the right way.


Tackling Tricky HR Situations?

Work with Us

You’re a business owner, manager, HR professional, or an HR newbie and you MUST be productive and efficient in handling all the complicated human resources functions.  Work with us. We’ll provide you with guidance and support when you need it the most. We make it EASY.


Say Goodbye to Outdated Handbooks

Do you want to write all your HR policies from scratch?  Of course not!
No need to reinvent the wheel.  Our online handbook builder
software is approved by attorneys and is as user-friendly as you
can get with pre-written policies that are EASY to customize.
Your Employee Handbook will also comply with federal and
state requirements.

We Do Everything With Our Clients In Mind
  • I would like to say that I would recommend The Galatas Group to anyone who needs accurate, professional and thorough advice and/or technical assistance in the world of human resources.  We look forward to a continued and expanding relationship in the future!

    General Manager Scrap Metal Recycling company
  • Thank you so much for your help with this! Your Unemployment Kit was vital to us presenting a thorough case and I’ve learned so much through the process.

    Member Support & Administration Manager Health & Wellness Industry
  • Joining your membership has been the best business decision I have made this year. The membership website is packed with unbelievable resources and information. In just 3 months, for the investment I have made, I can tell you that I already got my monies worth. Donna and Jackie have provided me with the tools, the skills and the resource to build stronger job descriptions, better templates for our SOPs, and strong performance evaluations.

    Kelly Roepke, President Y-Yard Auto & Truck Inc.


Our HR Products Give You Peace Of Mind

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