Each membership level is more valuable because they are upgrades and build upon each other.

The DISCOVER membership contains all of our HR kits and is designed for the person who has some experience in HR processes and requirements and just needs the nitty gritty tools to get organized and set up quickly. An instructional podcast in each kit also makes it simple for someone without any HR experience to hit the ground running.

The LEARN membership contains all of our HR courses and is designed to provide a complete HR newbie with step by step instructions and explanations of legal requirements and best practices and comes with several downloadable resources used in the courses. It’s also a great refresher for newly graduated or experienced HR professionals who want to stay sharp, up-to-date and need to see real work situations and processes in action.  The LEARN membership also includes all the content in the DISCOVER membership.

The GROW membership contains all the contents of the DISCOVER and LEARN memberships and is meant to be the most comprehensive set of guidance and tools for the person who is responsible for HR processes and issues in their business. The GROW membership also includes bonus materials such as replays of our speaker event presentations, mini-course videos, and more.

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