HR Coaching Services include support for HR Inner Circle members in the areas of their choice via a monthly group call. Through this group coaching environment, members get their pressing questions answered and at the same time, gain powerful insights on a variety of interesting HR topics filtered through the pool of member questions.

When you sign up to join our HR Inner Circle and select one of our group HR coaching retainer packages, we’ll schedule an initial discovery call and discuss your human resources needs and concerns, and to learn more about your business. We’ll then grant you access to participate in the group HR coaching session each month by phone. In these calls, we will address pre-selected member questions and have written agendas to make the most of our time. On occasion, we will include topics we recommend based on member needs.

PLEASE NOTE: Included in the 12-month retainer is the Grow Membership which provides access to all HR Kits and HR Courses as well as additional bonus materials added during the retainer period.

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