Hiring HR professionals is a better solution if you can afford it and you really need to do that.  A full time, experienced HR professional can earn well over $100k per year as an employee.  HR Consultants hired full time for short projects can also earn that much and more!  So, think before you leap to that conclusion.

Working with us through one of our HR Coaching retainer packages may be exactly the right level of support and guidance that you need.  Our HR Coaching can be for business owners, managers or even for administrative staff who have been assigned the responsibility of HR tasks and requirements.  Some clients need HR Coaching of a higher, strategic level for themselves and their managers PLUS training for their HR administrative staff.

If you’re not sure whether or not you should be hiring an HR professional, we can help you make that determination through careful assessment and evaluation of your current state and future needs. Let us know if that is what you need and we’ll discuss how to structure that either inside the HR Coaching retainer package or in addition to one of the HR Coaching retainer packages.

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