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Welcome to Our HR Fuel Membership Program

HR Fuel is the world’s first on-line HR membership program specifically designed for small businesses and franchisees, who want to fuel their growth, just like Fortune 500 companies do. It’s a fully hosted web based membership program full of easy to use solutions, blueprints, tools and guides that FINALLY helps business owners, just like you, save time and money, effectively manage all things HR and helps keep you out of trouble, you know, that legal stuff.

HR Tools & Resources That Give You Peace of Mind

HR Fuel Membership Includes:

Full Access to – Our Online Employee Handbook Builder

Employee Handbook Builder
Our Employee Handbook Builder will walk you through the steps to create or update a customized handbook that will be in compliance with Federal and State employment law. Don’t forget that an employee handbook is your first level of protection and is the starting point in building your HR foundation by setting your expectations clearly for your employees. Isn’t it exciting to know that you will finally have an opportunity to keep your handbook up to date and distributed with just a few clicks!
“Working with HR Fuel turned a very daunting project for me into a fun and exciting time of internal expansion here at our company. The employee handbook designed for us has already been put to the test in a couple of difficult situations and…has saved us potential litigation and certain increase in unemployment tax rates.”

Craig Miller, General Manager, Garland Recyclers, Inc.

Full Access to – Our HR Fuel Data Cloud

Now you can keep all of your employee related data safe and accessible

Anytime Anywhere

The Power of Cloud Computing

The HR Fuel Data Cloud includes these amazing features:

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An Online Employee and Personnel Management System
This simple HR Information System (HRIS) is easy to use, doesn’t require any software installation or special hardware and replaces those spreadsheets and sticky notes you have been using. This is where you can store and manage employee data such as:

  • EEOC data
  • Job Information
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Company benefits
  • Skills, certifications and licenses
  • Education
  • Company property
  • PTO and more

And because it’s in the cloud, your data is safely stored, backed up, and secure so that you can gain easy access to your employee data from anywhere – 24/7, 365 days per year.

Recruiting: Hiring Corner & Other Resources
Hiring and recruiting top performers is one of the biggest challenges our clients face. Putting the right person in the right job is critical to growing and sustaining your business. If you get this right, it will definitely separate you from the competition. Productivity will increase, your turnover will reduce and as a result, you will develop a culture that will turn your company into a magnet for great candidates. Here’s a partial excerpt of the sections under the Hiring Corner:

  • Hiring Checklist
  • Job Analysis
  • Job Description
  • Sample Interview questions
  • Reference Checks – Laws & Forms
  • Orientation

The Hiring Corner equips you with all the tools you need to conduct a successful recruitment and hiring process. You’ll have forms, interview guides and information about hiring laws to assist you with making the right hiring decision

Time Tracking Tool: Making Tracking Time for Payroll Easier
Employees can now log in and easily clock in/out. Do you have project based contractors? You can now assign Jobs Codes to each time entry which can be used for billing, projects, or contract work. All easily imported into your accounting systems, such as Quick Books and others. Although this is not a payroll processing system, the tools included in the HR Fuel Data Cloud make keeping track of all the information you need to prepare your payroll so easy and reliable. No more worries about missing time off request forms either—your employees can ask for time off through the Employee Self Service Portal. You’ll be notified via email and can log in and give your approval (or not!) and the system automatically sends your decision to the employee via email. No paper required!
Employee Self Service Portal
HR Fuel provides employees with the ability to access and view personal data such as benefit information, current and previous hours worked and shared company documents. If you want, you can even allow employees to change things like their address, marital status, and emergency contacts–you know, that’s what self-service is all about. Best of all, they can do it from anywhere. But don’t worry, there’s work flow automated in the system, so managers can monitor that piece. Any time an employee makes a change to their basic information, their manager is sent a notification by the system. Employees won’t have to ask you every time they want to verify their company benefit elections or request time off. They have access to all these tools on-line. Not only does this minimize interruptions to productivity (yours and theirs), it also minimizes all those paper files.
Manager Self Service
This comes with Multi-Layer Access Control so Managers not only have the ability to lookup important data on their employees, they also have the ability to approve and make changes to that data. Can your work get any easier? Yes, it can. Take some of the burden of managing every last detail off your shoulders and delegate some of that responsibility to your managers. You want to focus on growing your business and making the strategic decisions that will help you to achieve a stronger bottom line. The Manager Self Service portal lets you structure the access and approval levels you want your managers to have while maintaining the security you need to ensure that each person’s information is kept confidential. Managers nationwide are enjoying the ease and convenience this feature brings. They finally have the tools they need to manage individual direct reports and their teams.
Employee Email System
HR Fuel becomes your own company Intranet that enables you to communicate in new ways with your employees. You can post important deadlines and company announcements in your Company News section and each time employees log in to their Self Service portal, they’ll instantly see your messages. You can also use the system to send out individual, department-wide, or company-wide messages and alerts. Simply input employee email addresses during your set up process and use the system as one more effective way to stay in touch with your team. If your employees don’t use computers at work, you can set up a kiosk-style workstation that they can access during breaks, or they can log in to the system from their home computer. The system is available 24/7, 365 days a year, from any location. This is another great tool that will increase your productivity and reinforce to your employees that you want to keep them informed on issues and events that are important to the business and to them. Make it a two way street and encourage them to keep you in the loop as well, which is just as important!
Benefits Management
For those of you who offer benefits, the HR Fuel Benefits Management module makes it possible to track employee benefit data with just a few clicks. You can quickly add and assign benefits to employees as needed and track PTO accruals with automatic accrual and rate table calculations. This feature seamlessly integrates with time clock and time off requests.
Built-In Report Writer
You can easily and quickly generate, save, download and export custom reports that sort and run calculations that will help you manage your company and employees. Now you can easily track absences and generate custom reports for any period of time. This can help you reduce turnover, address attendance issues quickly and avoid future problems. You can also run reports that make completing your EEO-1 or Vets-100 reporting requirements effortless. If you don’t find the report you need in the Pre-defined list, you can create your own customized report. We take the complexity away and offer you user-friendly report writer capabilities like no other.
Labor Law Update Alerts
Having trouble keeping track of changes in labor laws? Do not worry. With the HR Fuel automatic labor law updates, we will keep you informed of all the updated labor laws for every state you operate in–which can help you remain in compliance at work. What are the potential penalties for violations of various employment laws?

  • Class action
  • Back pay
  • Overtime pay
  • Monetary fines
  • Punitive damages
  • Injunctive relief
  • Criminal penalties
  • Attorneys’ fees

When new regulations are passed into law, an announcement will be posted to your Dashboard. It’s important that you read these announcements each week so you can stay up to date on legislation that impacts how you operate in your state or states, if you run a multi-state organization.

Track Company Property
You’ll also be able to track company property such as computers, printers, cell phones, desk phones, and tools, just to name a few. As you build your asset list, you can assign individual pieces of equipment, vehicles, etc., to employees using model numbers, serial numbers, or even company-assigned asset tracking numbers. You can also track the value or costs of the assets. Reporting on all your assets will help you with budgeting, cost control, and ensuring that employees leaving your company know exactly what they need to return on their last day. Don’t let your tangible assets walk out the door!
Track Other Company Data
Not only can you track employee data, you can also track other types of company data and documents. So many of our clients want to move to a paperless environment and are trying to become green- certified organizations. Well, here’s one more way to get closer to those goals. Just think, instead of keeping extra copies of your Employee Handbook laying around for your next new hire, you can upload it and store it in the cloud. Your employees will still have access to it whenever they need or want it, via their Employee Self Service portal. You can upload confidential company documents such as budgets, tax filing documents, standard operating procedures, marketing materials, and any other document that you can create or scan electronically. Ensure total security and privacy by designating specific documents as “private” and viewable only by you or as “shared” and viewable by others. You can also upload employee documents and attach them to the appropriate employee’s record.
Step by Step HR Guides
We know that there are times when you need a little extra help in dealing with some HR or compliance issues- therefore we’ve included step-by-step guides and information regarding many common issues such as hiring, retaining employees, health, safety and security, termination, and many other relevant topics. This extensive library of common and critical HR guidance and advice, housed in a centralized data cloud, will save you hours of fruitless searching for answers. Stop surfing the net and leverage our years of experience.
Over 300 downloadable & Customizable Business & HR forms
No more searching for forms and templates that are critical to your business and HR processes – they are all just a click away Increase your own productivity — reducing your “research” (aka Internet surfing) time by accessing these basic and customizable forms and templates that have been reviewed and approved by our human resources experts. No need to guess if the forms are appropriate—we’ve given our thumbs up on them. Each form can be branded with your company logo and uploaded into your on-line database in the HR Fuel data cloud for easy storage and future access.
Access to Up to Date Federal & State Labor Laws
Employment law penalties can be severe and detrimental to your business. This feature provides up to date government regulatory compliance information on laws such as COBRA, OSHA, FMLA, etc. So keep informed! We’ve included these because it’s critical that you learn about the regulations behind important labor laws. If the state or states you operate in have regulations that are supplemental to federal regulations, you will have immediate access to critical insights and can make business decisions that will keep you in compliance.
Access to Federal & State (all States) Compliance Posters
Something as simple as having the right posters is critical to avoiding unnecessary penalties. Believe it or not, each state has its own regulations on posting notices informing employees of their rights. This is in addition to federal regulations and both state and federal law posters must be posted in locations that employees have ready access to such as break rooms, changing rooms, kitchens, production areas or meeting rooms. HR Fuel will provide you with downloadable, printable versions of all the posters that are required by your state(s) and by the federal government. Each time a new requirement is passed into law, HR Fuel is updated with the newly required poster. Keep an eye on the Announcements section of your Dashboard to make sure you are posting the current information. Don’t be caught with your posters down.
Access to Library of Job Descriptions
Use our ADA compliant Job Description Templates to create, update and finalize job descriptions for every role in your company. Our Job Description Library provides all the content you need for over 1,000 jobs in all the major US industries recognized by the US Department of Labor (USDOL). Job Code Classifications are also provided based on the USDOL coding system. This makes required governmental reporting easier and more accurate. Each description contains the Tasks, Skills, Abilities, Education and Knowledge that are typically required for the position. Work Styles, Work Values, Tools & Technology and Wages & Trends are provided as well. The Work Context section gives you relevant questions that help you determine additional detailed tasks and competencies that may be needed by top quality candidates. The descriptions can be downloaded, printed or cut and pasted into our Job Description Template in seconds. Help your employees be successful in their jobs by providing job descriptions that are customized to your business and operating procedures. For those of you in the Auto Recycling industry, you will appreciate the ready-made ADA compliant job descriptions for 20 critical positions. Just open, make the changes that suit your business and save. It’s that easy.

Getting started is easy with our step-by-step orientation

Full Online Access to – An HR Professional

When you need it the most

FUEL UP is an online service where you can access an HR PRO so you can ask us questions and can get clarity on any HR issues in your business. Gone are the days where you feel you have nobody to turn to.

We understand that sometimes it is great to run something by a subject matter expert to double check yourself, boost your understanding, or simply to get expert guidance.

Our clients love the fact that we’re so easy to access and that we have such diverse industry experience. Our guides, tips, videos and other resources will answer 95% of your questions.

For those really off-the-wall questions, situations and challenges, we are here to serve you. It’s simple. Just fill out a “Contact Us” form inside the membership and we will respond to your question within 48 business hours.

  • “Joining HR Fuel has been the best business decision I have made this year. The HR Fuel membership website is packed with unbelievable resources and information. In just 3 months, for the investment I have made, I can tell you that I already got my monies worth. Donna and Jackie have provided me with the tools, the skills and the resource to build stronger job descriptions, better templates for our SOPs, and strong performance evaluations.”

    Kelly Roepke
    Kelly RoepkePresident, Y-Yard Auto & Truck, Inc.

Full Access to – Our Published Q&A

Here we tackle some of the tricky HR situations that our clients have encountered. A quick search through this archived forum may get you the answer you need when you need it the most.

We are proud that our client community continues to share their issues so we can all learn together. Of course, the names have been changed to protect the innocent!

HR Fuel System Security

All of the HR Fuel components are contained in a private, members only, password protected website. In order to safeguard your information and give you peace of mind, the core HR Fuel system will include military grade password protection. You can rest assured that your information will be kept private and secure. Getting started on HR Fuel could not be any easier. All you need to do is log on using your secure login and you’ll be well on your way to fueling your growth and having all the bells and whistles the Fortune 500 companies have at a cost that won’t break the bank. And the best part, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

From Startups to Established Small Businesses to Franchisees


  • PLUS
    • Up to 49* Employees
    • 6 Admin/Manager Users
    • 300MB File Storage
    • 100 to 500* Employees
    • Unlimited Admin/Manager Users
    • 2,000MB File Storage
    • 501 to 1,000* Employees
    • Unlimited Admin/Manager Users
    • 2,000MB File Storage

Get one month FREE when you pay for the year in full!

*Number of employees under same Federal EIN number


3 uncompromising promises for your absolute peace of mind

Guarantee #1:

Fortune 500-level quality

You will be blown away by the sheer quality and attention to detail of every lesson, every tool and every exercise.

Guarantee #2:

Deep & lasting results

You’ll notice immediate results that will only get better in the coming days, weeks and months as you continue to implement and learn more.

Guarantee #3:

Impact on your business

We give you solutions, blueprints and tools that will spark profound positive changes in every aspect of your human resource management.

Because we actually care about you implementing, taking action and getting results, if after using HR Fuel for 90 days, you feel like it’s not benefiting your business, you can cancel your membership, with no hassle.

You know, we understand that you may have been burned by flashy promises before, buying tools that were super expensive or not designed specifically for you, but we gotta tell you, that is not who we are.

Not only is HR Fuel specifically designed for small businesses, we also stand firmly behind everything that we offer in our business.

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